Schneider Century Filter BLACK FROST 1/4

4" x 5.65"

These filters flare highlights, mute colors, and tone down contrast, while retaining rich blacks. This is a very useful combination of effects for 16mm and 35mm film, as well as for HD and standard video. These are primarily styling, or mood modifying filters. Depending on the grade chosen, they subtly enhance a scene without degrading the image quality or black saturation. Black Frost enables cinematographers to capture blacker blacks than are possible with similar types of filters. Black Frost filters are made using a remarkable, new diffusion technology, to achieve a unique image styling that can be applied freely, without fear of having scenes appear "heavy-handed." By solving the problems of excessive light scatter and veiling glare associated with similar filters, Schneider Black Frost filters make possible a higher level of control and convenience. Quelle: Schneider Optics USA

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